What Exactly Is Esports? A Deeper Look

Esports isn’t exactly “new”, but over the last couple of years, it has been gaining a lot of ground. In fact, the concept of esports has been around for more than two decades now. But what exactly does it involve? And do you really need special skills to consider yourself a real player?

In the following article, you will get a deeper look at esports, and why everyone is talking about it.

What Is Esports?

A quick answer would be that esports is all about people play video games on a professional level. In other words, they compete in tournaments on a regular basis, and they usually get paid to do it.

The first official video game competition took place at Stanford University in 1972. And the players got together for a good game of Spacewar. The reward at the time was a modest year-long subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

Eventually, in 1980, Atari hosted the Space Invaders Championship, sparking interest from more than 10,000 players. As for today, the picture looks a lot different.

Naturally, not every game you find on the market is suitable for esports tournaments, meaning there are specific games that get a lot of attention. For example, Dota2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, these are titles that are embedded in the esports arenas. For the best sites to bet on esports click here.

The Commitment From Players

For those players who are wondering what it takes to compete professionally, get ready for some long hours. Because just like every other sport you have to train for, esports players can see anything between six and ten hours a day in front of their screens. In fact, that is the regime most of the professional players abide by.

In terms of talent, of course, you need to have some skills if you want to stand out and build a reputation. Actually, it’s a pretty mandatory process to work your way up the ranks. And the more talent you have, the quicker you’ll rise through the ranks.

Building A Reputation And Starting A Career

At the moment, there isn’t a reality television show that provides a quick spot into a professional team. Instead, it really takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Keep in mind that reflexes and quick thinking play a crucial role in how well you’ll develop, and if you don’t master these skills, you are going to get kicked out before you get started.

Essentially, you have to start small and become part of small tournaments. Get your name out there as a player, and if possible, stream your plays and try to gather some followers. Because the best way to get to a competitive level is to get noticed.

The Age Requirements

When it comes to esports, there isn’t much of an age limit. But for the most part, it’s going to depend on the country you play in. And another element esports share with conventional sports is that your career isn’t very long. The fact is that players burn themselves out fairly quickly through all the practicing, and it’s not uncommon for them to retire around the age of thirty.

Massive Crowds Tune In To Watch

Yes, it’s true. Thousands of fans across the globe tune in to watch their favorite esports team dish it out via live streaming. But there are also quite a lot of people in the arena with the players, and sometimes, the crowds are so loud it can distract the players. Even though players wear noise-cancellation head-gear, they don’t always work.

Esports As A Career Choice

Given that there are so many people who watch esports matches, it has become a very lucrative career choice for many players.

For example, getting into a professional team and competing at big tournaments can bring in a lot of money. As you are reading this, there are tournaments where the prize money is no less than 1 million dollars. But if you’re not part of the winning team, you need to make your money through other methods.

This is where gaming channels like Twitch, and even YouTube, can be valuable to a players. This is where you can gain followers and earn some cash. For instance, fans can donate money to watch you play and practice.

Controversy Surrounding Esports?

Unfortunately, esports does have certain challenges. One of them is the issue surrounding its legitimacy to be called a real sport. In fact, a lot of talk about putting esports in the Olympics has surfaced, causing a lot of controversy and excitement.

On the one hand, you’ve players who spend hours on end, practicing just like any other athlete would. This is a bad routine that really works away at the body if not handled correctly, meaning it’s not just about playing a video game.

On the other hand, players don’t physically jump around and exert themselves, like it is expected from conventional athletes. But whether esports does count as a real sport is still up for debate.

Another issue in the world of esports is the discrimination against female players. One would think that such a modern sport wouldn’t have any sexist complications, but female players do have a hard time earning respect. This is especially true when they reach a professional level.

Can Anyone Get Into Esports?

The first thing you have to know is that esports doesn’t mean easy money. And when you play a single game every day for ten hours straight, it’s not going to be so fun after a few months. So, you need to realize what you are getting into if you want to see any type of success.

Secondly, you need to be good enough to find sponsors. If you want to achieve a full-time career playing games, you have to build a reputation and get sponsors to notice you. In other words, you need somebody to pay the bill when you enter tournaments.

Thirdly, always remember there is someone better and faster coming up behind you. It’s a quick world where players burn out even quicker.