Shangri La Minsk – the real chic atmosphere

In order to plunge into the highest comfort and true chic atmosphere, it is enough to discover the best and most popular casino in Minsk – Shangri La. You can easily become a member of the VIP club Shangri La and get the excellent service, entertainment and luxury atmosphere in the best casino in Riga.

This bright, high-class establishment is a part of the network of Michael Boettcher, Storm International. The casino will give you high-class service, unforgettable moments that you will want to repeat, and possibly triumphant winnings.

A wide variety of minimum and maximum bets at Shangri La casino will satisfy any type of player, as cautious players who enjoy the process itself, as well as a big risk taker.

You  can relax from the intense gaming with a cup of delicious espresso and after that, with new forces, return to the gaming table. Enjoy only the very best at Shangri La, Darren Keane, the CEO of the company invites!