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The growth of an enterprise always brings new challenges. One issue that bothers and creates insecurity for many companies in these times of transition is, how to store and share files with branch offices, remote employees, and correspondents safely and quickly?

In times when file transfer seems so easily possible via email, external storage devices (thumb drives, external hard drives) and cloud service providers, we have written this article to clarify the importance of using a single enterprise solution to perform The management of these files that are stored and shared, guaranteed autonomy, mobility, and especially the security of your information. Check out. With the 먹튀  you can have the best option now.

Corporate cloud

Therefore, it is necessary to choose an enterprise cloud service, dedicated to the real needs and business objectives.

As a result, companies are more agile and manageable and can store and share files with branch offices more efficiently and securely; be it between employees or suppliers. Unlike the physical server, cloud can be used in scalability system. This means that it keeps up with the growth of the company according to the pace and space required. Its advantages and benefits are affordable and adaptable to any industry.

Ease of access is also a factor that immediately reflects increased productivity. With all data and information saved in the cloud and allocated in a data center, just have internet connection, login and password to access the necessary data and develop their activities. Another plus point is regarding data backup. In this format, all files are automatically synchronized from the machine directly to the network. Thus, the volume of data generated between sectors and branches can be managed remotely and online, without the need to use external flash drives or hard drives.

Store and share files with branch offices

It was precisely thinking about the need of companies, a IT company with 15 years of market and hundreds of corporate customers, developed vBox – a corporate alternative among the most popular options in the market. In addition to offering the familiar features – file syncing between devices, sharing via access permission or download link – vBox has storage policies, secure and fast access and enables collaboration between teams and customers, supported by specialists, datacenter in Brazil and enables you to generate reports of user access.

VBox’s flexibility makes it easy for businesses to go from simpler uses such as FTP heavy file transfer to avoid complications with email attachments to more complex needs such as fully replacing a server physical file management for a fully manageable cloud platform.

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