Where can Malaysians Play Online Casino Games?

There have been several questions in regards to where Malaysian citizens can play online casino games. One of the best websites we have found so far is, which is a Malaysian based online casino agent that helps Malaysian players register for some of the best online casinos in Asia.

There are several casinos that c9bets offers access to:

1.       918Kiss Casino (Formerly SCR888)

2.       Newtown Casino

3.       Sun City

These are the 3 most popular online casinos promoted on the c9bets website (Check them out here).

Most online casinos in Malaysia are only mobile based, but with the Newtown Casino option, you can opt to play using their software on your desktop device too. For the most part,however, you will need to download an iOS or Android APK if you want to play any of the other online casinos.

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Who are c9bets?

The company has long been offering casino services to the Malaysian market both online and offline. Their main activities also include Bingo, casino tours, and other ventures such as FOREX, stocks trading, as well as cryptocurrencies. The company also has land-based businesses spread around Asia with great financial backing from the shareholders in the business.

Why use c9bets?

Firstly, c9bets prides itself on having a solid reputation for efficiency and excellent customer support. Secondly, the company is easy to deposit and withdrawal from in MYR. Payouts are prompt and the financial stability of the company is extremely good. This makes c9bets stand out versus its competitors who have been known to scam their customers due to lack of proper financial management.

How do I use c9bets website?

It is very simple to use the new look website. On the homepage you can contact customer support and there are several other ways to get in touch with the team at c9bets. You will be able to sign up for an account and get access to your own private back end log in area where you will be able to manage your casino account with c9bets.

Is it Safe Downloading Casino Software?

All the APKs and software that you will find on c9bets has been provided by the online casinos themselves. C9bets is there to facilitate the download as well as give you access to area where you can download the casino software.

What Casino Games are Available?

You can play an array of casino games at the online casinos recommended by c9bets. Here is just a small sample of what is available:

·         Baccarat

·         Roulette

·         Blackjack

·         Slots

·         Video Poker

All these games are fair to play as they use random number generators (RNGs) to decide the results of each game. These RNGs are fully encrypted and safe. They are also regularly tested for integrity to ensure that the house edge/return to player is always accurate.

Which Gaming Designers Contribute to Malaysian Casinos?

There are quite a few big name casino gaming software developers involved with the online casinos in the Malaysian casino industry. Playtech is the most common, but you will also find a mix of other games from giants such as Microgaming. There are not many games in any of the casinos from NetEntertainment or NYX however.

Simbat is one of the of the most common slot developers found on Malaysian and Asian based online casinos with slots such as the well-known Alladin by Simbat. Simbat also produces a list of other casino games including:

·         BLACKJACK



·         POST POKER

·         KENO

With such a wide variety of online casino games coming from this online casino gaming developer, this company is dominating the Malaysian online casino scene more than any other software provider.

Are Malaysian Casinos Safe to Play?

C9bets is your agent and guarantor, so you will have no issues playing online casino in Malaysia. The casinos themselves are also very secure using 128-bit encryption to ensure all connections are safe. C9bets itself is also very safe using SSL certificates with 128-bit encryption so you will never have to work about security threats because this has already been covered.

Making the Most Out of the C9bet Website

You should use all the information resources provided by c9bet to learn how to play casino games. There is a wealth of information on their blog. You can find out about how to play slots, how to be a responsible gambler, how to avoid becoming addicted to gambling and read about many other casino related topics. All these subjects covered on the website will you become a better online caisno player and learn how to become a strategic player in the long run.