What Types Of Online Gambling Are There?

Online gambling has been part and parcel of the internet for as long as the internet has been in existence. Over the years, the keen interest from the general public has elicited a huge range of different online gambling options. It’s reached a point where it can be tough to know which form of online gambling you want to try!

To provide some clarity, we’ve put together this helpful guide to all the different forms of online gambling currently available. This way you can decide which may be the right choice for you…


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Lotteries have been a factor of human life for centuries. Their popularity, though, has expanded almost exponentially thanks to the digital age. Lotteries are one of the most popular forms of online gambling, with thousands of different varieties available. Whether you want to try Lotto247 or just play powerball online, there is an option available to you.


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Casinos have proven to be extremely popular online. Online casinos offer a huge number of benefits over their real-life counterparts. A particular draw is their convenience. These casinos allow players to dabble with blackjack, roulette, slots, and thousands of other games from their own living room. Another huge benefit of online casinos is the range of promotional offers and bonus bets available. These really help to enhance the at-home playing experience.

Horse betting

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Once upon a time, betting on “the horses” meant heading to a track and trying to interpret tic-tac signals. In the modern world, everything is far simpler. You can just sign up to a betting site and choose your favourites based on the wide range available. Horse racing betting has also evolved in the online industry. Virtual horse racing betting is now available at a number of popular sites. While these virtual horse races aren’t quite as thrilling as the real deal, they are not limited by the opening hours of a race track. They have thus proven very popular with punters.


Online betting takes on a communal theme with syndication betting. Syndicates are essentially groups of bettors who collect together in the hopes of increasing their chances of winning, with any profits split equally between each contributing party. Syndicates are particularly popular among lottery players. They can however also be used with horse racing and other sports betting.


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Bingo has moved from the old-fashioned halls to the digital screen, and has become one of the most popular forms of online gambling. With hundreds of providers’ available and simple gaming interfaces, bingo has proven to be very popular online. While unlikely to be the choice for established bettors, bingo’s simplicity has provided occasional online bettors with hours of fun.

In conclusion

Of course, whichever of the above areas you choose, always ensure that you are gambling responsibly. If you’re cautious and set a designated time to walk away, you should be able to fully enjoy and make the most of the options above.