Tips for Playing Baccarat


Many casino players both professional and novices will enjoy a game of Baccarat.  Made popular in many of the James Bond films, Baccarat is a game enjoyed by the high rollers of Monte Carlo to the casino tables in Las Vegas.  Playing Baccarat online offers players even more options and the convenience of enjoying a game any time of the day or night.  Many casino players enjoy playing for fun, but there are a few tips that could help them to maximise their wins and minimise their losses.


Avoid Tie Bets


Most Baccarat players are attracted to the game by the lucrative payouts that a tie bet could offer.  These payouts will differ depending on the casino.  Placing a tie bet is not a good idea and it is the quickest way to lose money, but when it does win the payouts are great.  Players should keep in mind however that tie bets usually only pay out around 9% of the time and the odds are usually against the player.  Placing a tie bet is a sure way to lose a lot of money quickly.


There are two main betting options when playing Baccarat, a player can either bet on the banker or a player to win.  All banker bets when paid out will first have a tax deducted by the casino, usually about 5% in commission.  This may not sound great, but the odds of winning a banker bet are often quite good and even with the 5% commission a player may still come out on top.


Check Commission


All land-based and online casinos will have a 5% commission and at most casinos this is the standard rate, but players should always make sure they check the odds before playing. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you can always try you hand at the Aristocrat online pokies on offer instead.  Nobody wants to be surprised by a huge commission of 10% or sometimes even 25%.  The 8:1 betting odds are also standard, but some casinos may change this so a player could end up only being paid out odds of 6:1 or maybe even less.  Even players who place a tie bet should make sure the odds are good, 8:1, is a standard figure.


Know When to Stop


Playing Baccarat usually has short winning and losing streaks and it is always advisable to stop playing when things are not going well and take advantage of it when things are.  A good tip to remember is to play for a shorter time rather than long stretches at a time.


Don’t Waste Time Analysing Patterns


Professional players will say that it is important to keep track of patterns, which means that a player should record each card that comes out and the final outcome of every hand.  Doing this at a land-based casino may attract some attention, but it is much easier to do when playing online.  Many people disagree and say keeping track is a waste of time as a player will go crazy trying to analyse each pattern.  Chances are every now and again there will be a pattern, but they are far and few between.


Baccarat is a great game for those who do not want to have to make complex decisions and also has a low house edge.  Many online casinos also offer great bonuses which help a player to enjoy playing Baccarat for longer.