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Becoming a winning player also requires adhering to six basic rules:


You will have a hard time winning in 7-Card Stud agen joker123 unless you pay close attention to the cards on display. If you don’t know which exposed cards were subsequently discarded, you are likely to find yourself chasing a draw that is significantly reduced in value. The cards you are looking for may have already been dealt.

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Play “Live” Hands

This is closely related to your observation and memory of the maps exhibited as explained above. Some hands may appear more marginal than they really are, while very good starting hands will draw dead. The key to determining the true value of your hand knows which hands are “alive” or dying, and how that information affects your chances of improvement.

Know How to Be Patient

It is difficult to play a lot of slot cq9 hands and be a long-term winner in any variation of poker, but this is even more so in 7-Card Stud. This form of poker requires the patience of an angler. It’s more of a game of patience than an action game. This is also the reason that makes this game less popular than before, suffering from the comparison with faster games like NLHE or PLO. Playing too many hands in Stud is the shortest route to guaranteed failure. Whereas if you play “correctly” you can expect to get bored from time to time, but you can also expect positive enough results to outweigh this disadvantage.


Since you will not be playing most of the starting hands that are dealt to you, take advantage of the time available to observe your opponents. Learn to decode their betting patterns and make a mental note of the type of hands they play most readily. Are they overplaying? Will they look for distant prints? Identify their ‘tells’ (readable attitudes) and exploit their ‘leaks’ (game errors) as soon as you hit them.

Be Aggressive

Bet or re-raise when you think you have the best hand. But if your opponent turns out to be hyper-aggressive, give him the initiative to bet and check-raise with your best hands. When you play a pot and think you have the best hand, keep betting and feel free to create one of those typical 7-Card Stud monster pots.

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Be Selective

Keep in mind at all times that the watchword of Stud, as in most poker games, is definitely “FOLD!” (Throw it out!). When your hand goes off the rails don’t hesitate to part with it and save your ammo for another battle.

The Power Up

Finally, to finish this list, we could not mention the PowerUp, another exclusive creation of PokerStars which mixes poker with Hearthstone that is to say with a game of magic cards. Here, in addition to the rules and classic cards of poker, are added special cards with powers to discover a card from the flop or from your opponents, to prevent a player’s bet or even to block an opposing power. Therefore moving away from poker to approach e-Sport and, of course, this variant can only be played online.