The Large variations for the Right Parameters of web Arrangement

As evidence of taking these parameters into account in the ranking, we enter the query “furniture for a child’s room” in the Yandex search bar and see the sites that will be on the first page. On each site we see all the listed elements that are important for the response to the user.

You can open sites in the first screen of Google and make sure that the situation is similar. Leader sites on landing pages will have all the necessary content, taking into account user intent. With the 토토 사설토 this is important.

It’s also important to know that algorithms work in Google and Yandex that monitor the interaction of users with search results and evaluate them:

How much time visitors spend on your page (waiting time)

How many pages the user has studied on your site?

These parameters are already taken into account by search engines when ranking sites in a search. The values ​​of these parameters also directly depend on the quality of the content and the completeness of the response to the request.

  • The conclusion on the first trend is simple user intent is extremely important for the visibility of the site in the search.
  • Pay more attention to the quality of the content of the site pages and their updating.

Search engines in 2019 will encourage sites that provide the best comprehensive and up-to-date response to your query. Try to post the most detailed information in a simple and convenient way, do additional functions to help you choose a product or service.


According to current data, traffic from mobile devices in December 2018 amounted to more than 62% of all Internet traffic (a study by the consulting company Gemius Rankinkg).

This means that for full promotion your site simply must be prepared to work on mobile devices. Otherwise, you will lose most of your targeted traffic.

To prevent this, we recommend 3 simple steps

Check your site for mobility using free services:

Google service – Google Mobile Friendly

If the test passes successfully, you will see a message like this:

This means that the site is optimized for display on mobile and it will receive traffic from search on these devices. Everything is in order, there are no problems.

Then go to the second step

Improve / develop the site design for mobile devices, correct the errors indicated by the test.

Requirements for the adaptive version of the site are a topic for a separate article. But we will outline several basic requirements:

Extremely vertical scrolling

The user should not move the page to the side for reading, only down or up.

A font size of at least 13 pt. Small text on mobile devices is not readable. In this case, users need to strain their eyes and scale the page. Set the line height in proportion to the font size – about 140% of the size. For viewing from devices on iOS for normal text, the recommended size is 17pt, for Android – 13sp.