The Data and the Website Options Now

Keeping your data and your clients’ data safe is essential for every accountant. Today’s article will build on the first article on backup. One of the above-mentioned reliable data storage was online storage. Their advantage is not only high security, but also accessibility from anywhere via the Internet. And we would take a closer look at this feature today. You can use this storage not only for backup, but also for remote access to your documents. This may come in handy in various cases. For the 스포츠토 this is important now.

How to use online storage

One is to access documents while working remotely, accessing all documents from your computer or phone, at home, in the office or on vacation. With the extension of smartphones and mobile Internet, you can check the invoice, order content, contract details, etc. at any time. You can then forward this information in two or three taps. We will describe the specific solution in a moment.

The second case is sending large files. Although some mailboxes can accept tens of MB attachments, the previously valid rule was a maximum of 2 MB. You may encounter problems with sending scanned documents, for example, where one page can be 1 MB in size. If you do not want to send each document or document page in a separate email, online storage is a good choice. Simply save a large file to the online repository and just paste the link to this document into your email. The recipient then displays or downloads the file to the computer simply by clicking the link. If we mentioned the scanned documents, we can also take advantage of the smartphone. For these purposes, there are applications (Google Disk, CamScanner, Genius Scan, Drop box) that take the document, edit and save directly to the online storage. You will do all the steps at once.

The last scenario is the sharing of a large number of documents, which must be up to date and easily traceable. For example, the relationship between the accountant and his client, where the documents are transparently stored in the repository and both parties have a clear overview of what is and is not currently available. Documents are shared in folders that have clear access rights and are thus protected from unauthorized access. Storage can be used for multiple clients at the same time. Practical use of the above scenarios will be discussed in one of the following IT tips and today we will look at the introduction of the most famous services.

There are many online storage services, but they are not all the same. Some are designed primarily for data backup (e.g. drive ), others are used for sending large files, but we will be interested in the universal ones, which in addition to storing, for example, also work with documents. These include Microsoft OneDrive, Google Disk.