The dangers of betting systems we should know

Betting systems have been popular with casino players for years, and many people still swear by them. No matter which one you use, these systems provide the slot bonanza player with a guide to placing their bets, which is intended to increase profits and minimize losses. Unfortunately, no betting system can offer sustained winnings over a long period. It is because each spin of the wheel or roll of the dice is independent of the last, and there is never a pattern to be predicted.

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They do not work

Countless mathematicians have denounced the betting systems as nothing more than a fraud, as their basic criterion for success usually requires the player to have an infinite bankroll. If that were true, most players would be incredibly rich. Since each Judi joker 123 spin, throw or deal of cards is independent of the last, there is no guarantee that some losses will occur to be followed by a win.

You will look like a fool

If you do not care, what others think of you, go ahead and ignore this one. While you are at it, hop on some Internet gambling forums and extol the virtues of betting systems to anyone who will listen. For everyone else, we suggest avoiding betting systems because they make you look like a naive fool.

It goes against bankroll management

The art of bankroll management is the key to any successful long-term gaming strategy as it allows you to play within your budget and keep your losses to a minimum. Without it, a player is likely to make multiple trips to the ATM and throw away funds that were initially earmarked for necessities such as food and rent. As gambling systems often require you to double your bets following a win or loss, an unlucky player may find that their bankroll has been wiped out in less than an hour.

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Wastes valuable time

While many systems are relatively simple to learn, others require a little more dedication. Unfortunately, any amount of time devoted to these fake systems is being wasted. There are precious minutes and hours you could devote to your family, a productive hobby, or even a more legitimate technical game like basic strategy or card counting.

They perpetuate a myth

Anyone who has spent a good deal of time on the Internet has seen how urban myths and legends can spread like wildfire. One person sends out an email making absurd claims about a certain subject, and it has soon forwarded to hundreds or thousands of others.


Although these untruths are constantly unmasked by dedicated individuals, it does not stop people going astray by them and being deceived. When someone uses a betting system and then brags to their friends about all the success they have had, it perpetuates the lie that these systems are a valid option for serious players.

Put money in liars’ pockets

While most game systems can be found online free, there are also several individuals willing to sell “Win” systems to their customers. These people are the scum of the Earth. Still, it is frightening how many people fall victim to them each year.