The Currencies You Can Play Online Games without Revealing Your Identity

Ethereum is an open software platform that is based on blockchain technology. It enables developers to build up and set up decentralized applications. Just like bitcoin, Ethereum is also a distributed public blockchain network. Although you will come across some remarkable technical differences between them, the most vital difference that should be noted is that Bitcoin and Ethereum differ to a large extent regarding their purpose and their capability. Bitcoin is based on a particular type of blockchain technology that lets the user make online Bitcoin payments, and it is done through an electronic cash system. When you make payments through the Bitcoin blockchain, it can be used to track the ownership details of the particular digital currency. At the same time, the Ethereum blockchain primarily focuses on running the programming code of a decentralized application. Here, in the Ethereum blockchain, instead of Bitcoins, you deal with Ether, another type of cryptocurrency.

The Best games

Though dice gambling indeed gained prominence with the use of Bitcoins, such games are nowadays available in every other Ethereum casino. One of the major reasons behind the high degree of popularity of such Ethereum games is the speed factor in which you can play the game. Most Ethereum games allow their users to roll the maximum dice times in a second, where the bets can either be manual or automated, depending on the individual preference. Since Ethereum is a form of betting that can be played without foul play or rigging, it has gained such huge popularity. The dice games you will come across in these casinos allow withdrawal and deposit of Ether as the mode of payment instead of fiat currency. Another plus point of using Ether is that their transactions are much quicker and cheaper than Bitcoins, and games like fun88 can be played with it.

The benefits of such a Platform

Since any decentralized application runs on the concept of blockchain, you can enjoy the following benefits. No third party can make any changes to your data. The applications are based on a particular network that works on the principle of consensus. This protects you from any kind of corruption and is absolutely tamper-proof. It is highly secured with no chances of failure. The applications are well protected against any fraudulent activity or hacking attacks. With these apps, you never face any downtime issues and can never be switched off.

The payment options

Though the concept of crypto casinos is yet to be widely accepted by the public who are into gambling, most have considered it a serious alternative to Bitcoins. Nowadays, most online casinos, along with other payment options like Skrill, Credit Cards, PayPal, Neteller etc., also accept cryptocurrencies in one form or the other. So, Ether currencies need to penetrate the market more seriously and make the people believe they are the best form of digital currencies. A vital point that you need to check is whether the casino accepts Ether coins for both deposit and withdrawal. Some specific casinos offer free credit fun88 (เครดิต ฟรี fun88) too.