Some tips to play Matka

Who actually wins in any gambling game? People gamble in the hope that they would hit the jackpot. Consider the number of times you have played these games and the amount of money you spend. What are your chances of recovering all the money that you send down the drain? This entails that you should place your bets very carefully. When you use the word carefully, it means you should do your research well. You can also take the help of websites like to know the numbers on which you should place your bets. Let us look at some tips which can help you win money in Satta Matka. Even if you do not win, these tips will ensure that you do not lose much either.

  • You have heard something known as the beginner’s luck in gambling. This is a universal luck factor that comes the way of the gambler. You can call it Providence or just plain luck that most of the beginners do manage to win some amounts more than their investment. This plays a great part in hooking them up to this game. This is the start of the addiction.
  • If you are made of strong will, you should exit at this point. However, purists argue that if you were made of string will, you would never have come to place bets like these. They are unfortunately right.
  • Hence, you find people getting sucked up into the game. Now that you have well and truly hooked into playing Matka, let us discuss ways to minimize your losses.
  • The golden rule in gambling is that you should never gamble with all the money you have. The maximum limit you go is 50% of your asset value. When we use the word asset, we refer to cash alone. Never play with credit cards. You will never know where you end up. It can become very difficult to draw limits under such cases.
  • In this way, the maximum you could lose is 50% of your money. You have the remaining money to play another day when you could have better luck. This will help you recover the money you have lost today.
  • The other golden rule is that you should pool back the winning amounts into the game to the extent of 50% only. The remaining 50% should go into recovering the amount you would have lost over the years. This helps you recover some of the lost money. History has it that no one has ever recovered the entire amount he has lost. Some people have hit the jackpots. They are far and between. That is absolute luck and nothing else.
  • In the game of Matka, you call them Matka King or Satta King.
  • Now, place bets on a wide range of numbers that include all numbers from 0 to 9. In this way, you recover some amount because the winning number has to be between 0 and 9.

We shall discuss some other tips in another blog.