RTP or Return to Player: what is to know about it?

For online players, slot online idnsport casino has been one of their favorite sports. There are various terms in online casino which some of them understand, but many of them don’t. One of the terms is Return to Player (RTP). This term symbolizes the amount which any online casino returns to the online player. The online casino is one of the favorite entertainments of online players. The return to the player describes the amount of money that an online casino game returns to players over time. For example, if you find a slot machine with an RTP of 97%, you get prizes of $ 970 for every $ 1000 wagered.


To make it clearer, you may think that the return to the player is simply another way of expressing the advantage of the house. Returning to the previous example, if a slot has an RTP of 97%, it means that the advantage for the house is 3%. See below some of the most common RTPs in online casino games. Keep in mind that these percentages may vary depending on the game portal, the bet you make, the rules, the software developer and many other things.

So, bet only on games with high RTP?

The answer is a definite no. The return to the player is a statistic obtained from thousands of games and shows the percentage of bets that the online casino retains in the long term. If you bet $ 1000 on a slot with an RTP of 97%, it does not mean that when you finish playing, you will have an exact balance of $ 970. This is not impossible that RTP of any online casino is ZERO, so you keep losing the amount.

Whereas, there are possibilities if the RTP is 300%. Here, you can earn a lot. In this case, the RTP amount is still 3%. So you get a chance to win 297%. The online casino will take that 3% as their hoe advantage. For this reason, every experienced player who seeks to win at the casino considers two additional variables when betting – volatility and variance.

What are Volatility and Variance?

These are two concepts related to the frequency in which a game awards prizes. A game with high volatility delivers huge prizes, but with a low frequency. On the contrary, a game with low volatility delivers frequent prizes, but low value. These are two fundamental concepts that you must master to correctly manage your casino balance and payments. Be sure to visit page dedicated to volatility and variance to learn more.To become an expert player who knows the secrets of casinos, it is important that you master the concept of RTP.

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