Poker Tilt Danger from S188 Casino

Poker tilt is one of the most dangerous states of mind to reach when you are at a poker game. The poker tilt is a term used in a game when a bad decision or a bad beat leads you to becoming more aggressive or more cautious in the way you manage your hands and bets. This is a result of being frustrated and desperate, and it is the worst way to try to recover from a bad play. Abandoning your unique style of play and strategy is always a bad idea, and can become a mayor problem when a series of bad decisions and lousy hands empty your pockets.

It is a difficult situation for a player to linger at a poker table when bad hands come one after another, or even when the good cards appear and still someone else takes the pot. Before entering the tilt zone it is better to cash out and let the things slow down a bit and cool off before re-entering the table. Otherwise you can really hurt your bankroll, and if you come to the Tilt zone try to avoid the “catch up” effect the only victim to this situation will be your cash. Becoming over-aggressive is one of the most dangerous and common symptoms of the Tilt.

When the tilt comes, you should first take notice of this before suffering a catastrophic fall in your game. Then, maintain your focus on the game, the other players, the odds, the pot, everything. If you can remain calm, you can return to the game. And always remember: “stick to your strategy” (as I have said before in other articles).

To play poker, one of the most important tools is emotion control; it plays a good part in bluffing and in the behavior and etiquette at the poker table. You should control your emotions so you cannot be “read” by other players. This auto control is fundamental when you are close to the tilt zone. You have to realize the danger and act accordingly to not let this spoil your game. Remember that tilt would cost you money. Poker combines luck and skill; try to remember that when the bad hands arrive or when you feel the impulse of take a path you normally wouldn’t take. More than a few times you would see that the best hand is defeated by marginal hands; this is just part of the game.

Another advice is to try to not take into account or give excessive relevance to an outcome of a pot when the result is uncommon form a statistically point of view, and it’s more like the exception to the rule. You can also avoid the tilt from bad beats by remembering that this kind of streaks of bad luck can be minimized, and the strategy is a long term plan. If none of this works then you will have to leave the table until you can control your emotions and can refocus on the game, maybe taking a little refreshing walk.