Martingale Methods As per Your Online Betting Dreals

Did you know the blackjack martingale? How about implementing it on your online sports betting? Yes, it is quite possible and we hold the golden rule of martingales in sports betting on all Swiss sports betting guides! There are more and more strategies relating to sports betting on the net. However, the martingale remains the one we like the most, because it perfectly combines the world of casino and sports betting! We bring you without further delay to discover the application of the sports betting martingale!

What is the martingale?

You have no doubt heard of the martingale in casino situs judi bola online games, so this will just be a reminder for some of you. The martingale is based on a very simple principle: if you lose your bet, you will have to double your next bet in order to recover the amount of your losses. The principle is simple, because in case of victory you will erase your losses, but the risk would be to lose everything! You will have to apply the theory of the martingale to sports betting if you want to benefit from a positive result.


How to apply the martingale in betting?

Once again the principle of the martingale in sports betting is to recover your lost money by doubling your next bet. To best explain how to use the martingale in your online sports betting, we are going to provide you with the sacred equation, as well as an example of the application of this strategy. The equation is: your bet = (your total losses + the expected profit) / (the odds – 1).

The table above is a summary of the different game stages to which you will be entitled if you decide to use the martingale strategy, starting with a losing sports bet for a stake of 5 CHF. If your first bet of 5 CHF loses, on your second bet the strategy is for you to bet double and so on until you get your costs back.

What are the risks of Martingale?

There are risks associated with applying the martingale to sports betting, which many bettors tend to overlook when deciding to persist in applying this strategy. Don’t panic, there are many cases where this method has proven to be extremely profitable for many bettors. However, we would like to draw your attention to the risks involved in this strategy. Indeed, the spiral of your losses could continue to infinity and you will have spent more money than you will have earned. 

In addition, some players will be tempted to bet more to recover faster, which would likely cause them to lose even more money! Finally, as you can see in the table above, in the long run, the martingale will not allow you to cash in huge profits.