Learn About The Bonuses And Free Spins Offered By Casino Sites

Online Casino is the first industry to embrace Bitcoin. Earlier, it was just a traditional banking system or e-wallet system that was available. In the last 2 years, things have drastically changed and Bitcoin seems to sweep the polls in comparison to earlier payment systems.

It has gained importance because of many factors that have become credible to the users. One of the exciting factors of Bitcoin-based online casinos is that the sites shall offer you incredible bonuses and free spins. No doubt, you may get Bitcoin as a bonus too.

Bitcoin Casino – How do they function?

As the name implies, these are types of casinos that allow you to make deposits using Bitcoin. Of course, you can withdraw using Bitcoins too. The good news is, few sites offer you to convert the same to your traditional currency as well.

Bitonecore validates the information of casinos websites and offers credible information to its users. The bonus information, free spins, games are all up to date. We recommend credible sites and many people have got benefitted from your validation.

Bonus and Free spins – What should you be careful about?

While many factors make people incline to cryptocurrency-based gambling, one of the major features is the Bonuses the sites offer to customers. Yes, you shall get numerous free spins too. One of the features in it is ‘No Deposit Bonus’ as you sign up.

This block shall help you understand the nuances of using such online casino websites that offer No deposit bonuses. Firstly, it is recommended to read the rules set by the casino website. This can be a cliché but very important as you are going to invest to play the games isn’t it?

  • Different Requirements – Every website has its requirements for a Deposit Bonus.
  • Limitation to Withdraw – The sites may put a limit on the withdrawal amount if you have a no deposit as a bonus.
  • Your Account can get banned – If you had not satisfied the requirements set by the casino, and attempt to withdraw the funds, you might end up getting banned according to their policy.
  • Proof of Identity – Almost all the Bitcoin Casino websites seek the ID proof as validation to withdraw funds
  • Restriction in Countries – You must also be aware that, though online casinos can be legal in your part of the world, bonuses might not be applicable.

While this being one of the bonus features offered by the casino websites, it is always suggested to understand the rules and regulations before opting for any of the bonuses as well as free spins.

These are measures taken by the authorities of the online casino websites to make the process transparent. This is one of the features that make people enjoy playing Bitcoin-based games.

Types of Bonus available in Online Casino

Indeed, the bonus is offered to the customers to attract them to sign up. There are many types of bonuses available for the customers. Let us see a snapshot of bonuses offered by the Bitcoin-based casino

  • You shall get big amounts in BTC as a joining bonus as you sign up
  • You shall also get Free spins without any deposit
  • Bitcoin Faucet Bonus is an add on

While we talk about the bonus, the best in the Bitcoin casino industry to give ample bonuses are listed on the hierarchy

  • BitStarz
  • 7Bit Casino
  • mBit Casino
  • Bitkings Casino

So, let us understand what each of these and others in detail

Casino Bonus – First Deposit Bonus

This is a type of bonus offered by the casino as you make the first deposit. The bonus shall be mentioned in percentage. Say, for example, if a site offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit and you make 1BTC, you get an additional 1BTC as a reward.

  1. BitStarz

The ace in the Casino industry BitStarz offers

  • Initial/First deposit bonus is 152%: This means to say, you shall get 2 BTC and 210 free spins in this scheme.
  • Bonus total being 6 BTC and 210 Free Spins

BitStarz also offers 30 Free spins as a part of the No Deposit Bonus

  1. 7Bit Casino
  • The First deposit bonus is 177%. You shall get up to 15 BTC and 77 Free spins
  • The Total Bonus can be 5 BTC with 177 Free spins
  1. mBit Casino
  • The First deposit bonus is 175%. You shall get 2 BTC and 100 Free spins
  • The Total Bonus is 5 BTC and 300 Free spins

Free Spins

The cryptocurrency casino also gives Free spins as you sign up. We saw a few free spin counts before, here we can see the different Free spin aspects.

This is added in the bonus kitty to encourage the new customers. However, there are different modes that you can win free spins.

The different types are

  1. As you deposit, the casino shall offer you free spins
  2. You may also get No deposit Free spins
  3. You may also receive emails as loyal customers and this shall offer you free spins too
  4. If you are lucky in slot games, you shall get free spins from that too


Bitcoin Faucet Bonus

This is an incredible initiative taken by the Bitcoin casino websites. You can get the bonus as a reward if you complete a certain task online for the site owner. You can indeed request Bitcoins in return. This shall increase the user engagement activity and incline them to play more and do more. This is one of the features that make the cryptocurrency-based online casino a big hit.

For example

  • In the dice game of Crypto games, you can request Bitcoins. You can do it every 180 seconds.
  • Certain sites offer you to play a game without losing and you can get free coins as a reward.

Bonuses for Further Deposits

Some websites offer deposit bonuses even after the initial one. The second, third, and fourth deposit may also get you rewards as a bonus. The bonus might differ from the turns as well as from the casino websites.

Reload Bonuses

This is a permanent bonus offered by the casino authorities. You might get an email on the same. It is usually given on specific days of the week. This is a limited bonus but a permanent one. At times you may get 50% as a bonus while you reload.


There are casino websites that give you bonus codes. You can use this code while you deposit and win an amazing bonus in terms of BTC percentage. It can also go up t0 150% of the amount deposited.


The cryptocurrency-based online casino shall be attractive due to many reasons. It is always good to be responsible for reading the rules and regulations before making any deposit. Also, it is recommended to understand the bonus criteria as well.