Is playing with online casino bonus worth it?

With the huge competition of online casino providers, it is not surprising that no online casino can do without a casino bonus these days. If you want to attract the attention of the players, you offer at least one lucrative new customer bonus. But even existing customers do not want to do without worthwhile special offers and bonuses, so that most online casinos come up with some ideas in this regard.

Is playing with online casino bonus worth it?

But how exactly do free real money casinos work and what types of bonuses are there for gamblers to discover? How can you discover a good casino bonus? How to redeem a casino bonus? Which games can be played with bonus credit and can you actually reject a bonus? There are some pitfalls and the question of whether playing with a bonus is worth it at all is quite appropriate. If you just visit a casino, you don’t have to worry about such questions and maybe even today this is the easiest way to win: avoid traps. 

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How does an online casino bonus work?

An online casino bonus is basically nothing more than a thank you for signing up or for the loyalty of the customer. It is an extra that the casino offers to the players to give them variety and encourage them to play. Bonus offers in online casinos are often additional game credits, but free spins for slots are also not uncommon.

What is important with a bonus is not only what the player gets, but also what he has to do to get the bonus and clear it. Logically, bonus credits are not game credits that can be easily withdrawn. First, such credit must be cleared. And this is where casinos set very different rules that are worth looking into. But first, let’s look at what types of bonuses are available to casino players.

What types of bonuses are there?

When it comes to bonus offers, there is a lot of leeway and so an online casino thinks up the most diverse promotions and offers. Here is an overview of the most common types of bonuses in online casinos:

New customer deposit bonus: Basically every casino worth their salt offers a bonus for the new customer’s first deposit. Usually it is an amount that is based on the amount of the deposit. It’s often a 100 or 200 percent bonus, but there are some casinos that also offer 400 percent bonuses and even more generous welcome offers. But there are also deposit bonuses with a fixed amount that is independent of the deposit amount. Sometimes a deposit bonus is also associated with free spins, whereby different rules usually apply here than with game credit.

No deposit bonus in the online casino: Sometimes there is also the possibility for new players in an online casino to receive game credit without making a deposit. The amounts are usually not high, but a no-deposit casino bonus can be very valuable for a first impression. Without a deposit, there is not only play money, but often also free spins for selected slots.

Reload bonus for deposits into the gaming account: As part of a new customer bonus, the first deposit into the gaming account is usually rewarded with extra gaming credit. However, some gambling providers go even further and also provide bonus money for the second and even for the third deposit. But regular customers can also look forward to reload bonuses again and again, although there can also be a wide variety of options here.

VIP clubs and regular customer programs: Such offers primarily affect those who play regularly and a lot in the online casino. VIP and existing customer offers reward regular money bets in casinos and offer numerous advantages for VIP customers. This can be bonus points for stakes, special bonus offers and invitations to events and special occasions. Anyone who plays frequently in the online casino should definitely deal with the VIP offers.