Is It Possible To Count Cards In Online Blackjack?

Counting cards has long been deemed an immoral way of winning in the land-based casino world. You will have seen movies like Martin Scorsese’s Casino, and 21 that show us the darker side of gambling and the repercussions of what can happen if you count cards. Although this may be seen as a deterrent there exists a large grey area over the skill of counting cards and how possible it is in new markets such as online gambling.

Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots said: “Counting cards is not something that is that big of a threat to our market as it is in land based casinos but we still take any methods of cheating or gaining an edge over the casino very seriously and work hard to safeguard to safeguard ourselves against it.”

“It’s a lot harder to count cards against the computer because the algorithms are so complex and they are built specifically to prevent this sort of player edge from occurring.”

Live Blackjack is played using a real-time human dealer as opposed to a computer which means that there exists no algorithms other than your set odds. In addition to this, the player is not able to know the amount of decks that the live dealer is playing with which makes it significantly harder to count cards than it would be while playing a single deck game.

What are the advantages of sLive Blackjack?

A lot of players who play online slots UK, like blackjack are often sceptical about the odds that are weighed against them, they believe that because there’s no human dealer that the algorithms will be intentionally manipulated to the casino’s favour. When a computer finishes dealing the deck is shuffled following each and every hand, this makes it virtually impossible to count cards, unless you have card counting technology that would overwrite the algorithms that are at bay.

Throughout out Live casino games sometimes it’s possible to recognise dealer tells that can allow players to gain an insight into the quality of the hand based on the dealer’s expression. This is something not possible with standard online blackjack. It may be that the dealer raises his eyes or does subtle movements or mannerisms that indicate a certain hand but in most scenarios dealers are trained not to give this sort of behaviour away.

Realism certainly is a big draw for many players and seeing a live dealer often offers that personal touch and trust, while still enjoying the comforts that come from being in your own home.


While it is possible to second guess the dealer and count cards while playing online blackjack the odds of successfully doing so and gaining enough of an edge to beat the dealer or casino are slim. What we can draw from our above findings is that the house is perfectly aware of the tricks people play to catch them out.

And for the casino, as long as the players think they have an edge the pendulum continues to swing into their favour. RNG Algorithms are some of the most complex number systems around and designed specifically to counteract this type of covert tactics that exists in the industry. As the dealer continues to reshuffle following each hand, it creates an impossible job for the player. Unless you’ve got some high-end algorithm guessing software then the odds remain out of your favour.