How to Buy Grand Dragon Lottery Tickets in Malaysia

There are a variety of lottery games available in Malaysia, but perhaps, the most popular game that you will come across is none other than the Grand Dragon lottery. This game has been modernized because a large number of players have expressed their interest in this lottery and this has led to numerous improvements. The Grand Dragon lottery is committed to offering a Live 4 Digit numbers game and all activities of the game are streamed live from the lottery machines from their headquarters in Chreythom, located in the Kandal Province. Every single step in the lottery process is fully open and transparent because they wish to help every player participate in the game with ease.

The Grand Dragon lottery’s 4D lottery game was first introduced in 1951 and it has earned a lot of popularity and recognition in both Malaysia and Singapore. It is one of the top most lottery games in Asia because of its prize categories and low cost. The question is how to buy your Grand Dragon lottery tickets in Malaysia? If you want to participate in the Malaysia Grand Dragon Lottery, you need to visit one of the designated lottery outlets from where you have to buy the ticket.

Buying a ticket means that you are required to select the package and numbers you wish to play. Starting from A and going till M, there are 13 winning positions from which you have to choose your numbers in the Grand Dragon lottery. There are five betting choices that are provided to you and you have to decide which one you wish to play:

  • 4D A- When you choose this betting option, you need to match all four digits for the first prize only. This is probably why the package is also called the 4D Single A.
  • 4D Small- Players who are interested in a small package option will find this one right down their alley. In this package, you have to match the first, second as well as third prize numbers with the 4D winning number and the winning prize in this option is higher than in the big package.
  • 4D Big- As the name indicates, this is a big package because you have to match the 4D number with all the 23 winning results. The cost you have to pay for this package can vary for every category.
  • 3D A- Another option you can get in the GD Lotto is this one, which requires players to match the first 4D prize number with the last three digits of the number that wins.
  • 3D ABC Package- In this betting choice, you have to match the last three digits of the winning number with the first, second and third 4D prize number.

When you have decided what betting choice you want to go for, it is time to choose the numbers for your betting slip. There are numerous strategies you can use for choosing your numbers to improve your chances of winning. If you don’t want to pick your numbers through a system or strategy, you can always select your numbers randomly through the Quick Pick option. After selecting your numbers, you have to pay for the tickets you buy. You need to keep your tickets safe because they are needed for claiming prizes in case you win.

As far as the drawing procedure of the Grand Dragon Lottery is concerned, there are three steps that are followed. The first step to begin this process is the drawing of the balls with alphabet letters that start from A and go till W. These balls are used for determining the position of the upcoming number. For instance, if the ball B is drawn, it means that the upcoming number will be in the B position. 4 transparent lottery machines are used for conducting the Grand Dragon lottery draw and they are called D2, D3, D4 and D5.

In the second step, a ball is drawn from each of the lottery machines and all of these numbers are used for forming a number combination. For instance, if the number 7 is drawn from D2, number 5 from D3, number 8 from D4 and 2 from D5, then the number combination is 7, 5, 8 and 2. The last step is draw three more balls from a total of 13 and this is done for determining who wins the first, second and third prize. These three balls are marked with alphabets that range between A and M. Assuming that a ball H is drawn from machine D6, the number combination with H at the end will be the third prize.

There are five prizes that you can win in the Grand Dragon lottery and they start at $2,500 and the lowest amount is $60. You can win $1,000, $500 and $200 in the other prize categories, which is definitely rewarding as the price of the ticket is only $1. Moreover, there is no need to worry when you play the Grand Dragon lottery because they are aware of the scams out there and have employed some tough security measures to help their players in staying safe.

You can now share your financial information without having to stress about it being compromised. If you want to play the Malaysian Grand Dragon lottery, but you are not in the country, you can still play the game. This is due to the launch of various online lottery services like Lottosend that provide players the opportunity of participating in lottery games worldwide without actually having to go there. They have their own agents in the country who buy tickets on your behalf and send you a copy of the tickets to confirm your participation.

Furthermore, if you do win a prize in the Grand Dragon lottery, their agents also claim it on your behalf and then transfer the earnings to you. Hence, you can easily buy a ticket from the retailer if you are in Malaysia or use a lottery service and get a chance to win a great prize.