How to avoid making these common online poker mistakes?

Many newcomers make simple mistakes that hurt their chances of winning. The biggest mistake new online poker players make is playing too many hands. In a live poker game, you get to play maybe 30 hands per hour. Online, you easily play 300+ hands per hour. This volume tempts players to loosen up and play more hands. Sticking to a selective strategy is crucial for success. You still want to play premium hands and avoid getting pulled into too many pots with weak holdings. Be patient and wait for spots where you have a statistical edge.

Chasing draws

If you flop a flush or straight draw, it’s tempting to check the turn and river cards. If you don’t have proper pot odds, it’s a losing play. You have to calculate whether the pot is laying you the right price to continue based on your draw’s chances of hitting. Don’t just blindly chase every draw. The pot size should be sufficient to compensate you.

Overvaluing big pairs

Novice players often become smitten with big pocket pairs like Aces, Kings, and Queens. While these hands are strong, you have to be willing to lay them down versus lots of action. If the flop comes rags, but your opponent bets into you aggressively, it likely means they’ve hit a set or open-ended straight draw. Don’t fall into the trap of stubbornly clinging to an overpair in the face of multiple alarm bells. Know when to let go and live to fight another day.

Beginners often try to bluff way more than they should. They watch poker on TV and see aggressive players constantly running huge bluffs. Successful bluffing requires experience. There must be a credible story based on the action and board texture. Don’t just randomly bluff because that’s what you think good players do. Pick your spots selectively where a bluff makes logical sense.

Ignoring position

Your position at the table matters a lot in poker, especially online. When you are the last to act post-flop, your advantage is huge. You get to see what your opponents do before making decisions. Conversely, acting first from an early position is very tough. Be aware of this and play tighter when you have to act first. Don’t automatically raise or call from an early position with marginal hands. Wait for stronger spots from later positions.

Not quitting when ahead

Many new players 플레이포커 머니상 get carried away when they’re winning and never quit when they’re ahead. They keep grinding away and give back all their profits and more. Make it a rule to walk away once you’ve hit a certain win limit for the session. Maybe it’s doubling your buy-in making a $100 profit or whatever you feel is a successful session. Stick to this rule to lock in wins rather than donating money back.

Playing above your bankroll

You should never bring more money to the online tables than you afford to lose. But many novices deposit way more than their bankroll can handle and ruin their accounts. Figure out a sensible bankroll based on your income and bills. Don’t go above low limits where you are comfortable being rolled. Don’t play at stakes where one or two big losses would wipe you out. It creates pressure and leads to desperate play. Just stay patient, keep learning, and focus on avoiding these pitfalls.