How can you invite your friends through a referral bonus in online Rummy?

One of the beauties of playing rummy online is that you not only play the game to earn rewards but also to learn the game in a much better way. This is because most of the online rummy sites today offer you practice points to play the practice games so you can become a pro at the game before entering into the tournaments.

Apart from the practice games, the best sites also offer you free games where you just have to deposit a small amount and the site offers you a bonus amount over it. You can make use of this bonus amount to play the game and yet can win rewards. Not just the site offers you to play with the bonus amount but it also allows you to invite your friends through this referral bonus.

Benefits of inviting your friends through the referral bonus

There are a number of benefits that you can avail of extra in the game if you are inviting your friends through the referral bonus.

  • Increasing your team:

If you used to play the game of rummy with your friends once upon a time, this is the time again to do the same without gathering at a commonplace. You simply can invite your friends on the site to join and you all can start playing the game once again together. You all just can decide upon a specific time when all of you can come online to play the game together, even sitting miles away from each other.

  • Winning extra bonus amount:

When you invite friends through the referral bonus link and your friends join the site, you get extra bonus amount to play the game. Normally, this extra bonus amount is much higher than the usual bonus amount that you must have earned by depositing your first amount on the site.

  • Extra bonus for your friend:

Not just you gain the bonus amount, but also there is also bonus amount for your friends too. Your friend will earn a bonus amount that is higher in comparison to the usual bonus amount that the person would have gained without your referral link.

Inviting your friends through referral bonus in online rummy

Here are the steps through which you can invite your friends to play the game at online rummy.

  • Log in to the site on your browser or visit your app where you play the game
  • Find out the page of ‘Refer a Friend’
  • You will find a link of ‘Invite Friends’ where you need to click
  • You can send the link through Whatsapp, SMS, and social media networking
  • Your friend needs to sign up into the site using your referral link
  • As soon as your friend makes the first deposit, you will also earn the extra bonus along with your friend


Though the rummy sites offer you a bonus amount to play free rummy, there are also some special ways how you can earn extra bonus amount for the game. This can be done easily by referring a friend. The method is quite easy and also offers you a number of benefits when you are play rummy online games.