Give a Try to the Online Domino QQ Game

A QQ game isactually an online multiplayer game service, offered by Tencent America.
Here, you can play every game without paying any subscription. It is Aol Instant Messenger’s (AIM) official plugin. Besides that it also offers a wide range of online multiplayer casual games that are absolutely free.It has a cool graphical interface. Being a part of AIM, to start playing the game first you need to register with AIM for a screen name and a password. On registering you will notice that you have a platter of about eight available games including cards, sports, puzzles, action, strategy, Treasure Hunt, Bubble Arena and being Pool which are the popular ones.

History of the popular online game

The QQ online games English version started in partnership with AIM in the 2007 spring. Its testing continued till October, 2007. In its very first week of launch, the number of peak concurrent user (PCU) crossed 500.The current PCU number is about 2500 that has grown with the growing numbers of games. At present, it features only 12 multiplayer games at once along with a MochiMedia based flash portal. But as the service matures, the number of games offered will also increase. On January, 2014 the English version of the QQ games shut down along with the website. But the local versions in China, Indonesia etc. are still operating and doing good business.

How to go about QQ online

In order to play all these free games there are certain steps that you need to follow:

  • Firstly, download the QQ gameand install in the system
  • Since, it requires AIM, you need to have AIM pre-installed in the system along with an account
  • On entering the QQ games, you get to choose from the list of games available on the left-hand side tab
  • Now, click on the game you want to play, wait till it loads and finally click on the button Play Now

Since, these QQ games are played online they let you challenge your friends to play along with you. You can form a team and play with others. But yes, here you have to wait for the other players to join the game.

The Domino QQ game

The Domino QQ game is a domino game that is a part of the QQ online games and is highly popular in Indonesia. Some of the exciting features of the game that is gaining huge popularity amongst its users are:

  • You get the opportunity to play with players all round the world
  • You can choose from the 3 available languages namely, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian and English
  • It allows you to also play with your Facebook friends
  • When you start off, you are greeted with a lot of virtual free gifts
  • The high quality graphics keeps you glued to the screen
  • The chat facility helps you build your community
  • There are two room options normal and fast, so choose as per your convenience