Best Online Rummy Game to Play Online

The highly popular game of Rummy gets even more exciting with its multiple variations. Though Indian Rummy is played with 13 cards, there are different types of online rummy games, which have their own set of rules and regulations to follow.

So far, if you have had the chance to play Rummy online with one of the variants, we suggest you try your hand at rest of the options as well- You are sure to experience the excitement of the highly engrossing gameplay that each game has to offer.

There are basically four variants available in Indian Rummy. Although the count of cards is the same, however, the gameplay of each differs considerably. Based on the winning criteria set-up during the beginning of the game, these variants can be played for more than one deals. Here are the popular Rummy variations, which you need to know about.

  1. Points Rummy: Points Rummy also commonly referred to as Strikes Rummy, is the quickest variant of Indian Rummy.
  2. A decent number of regular Rummy players stick with points Rummy because of the scope of earning good money real quick. A maximum of 6 players can be part of the game and the monetary value associated with every point is decided before the game commences.


The total amount of cash collectively lost by the rest of the players of a group is taken home by the winner. Monetary point based system makes Points Rummy game highly lucrative to play.

  1. Pool Rummy: Next in the league is the Pool Rummy- This variant of Indian online Rummy game is equally enticing or probably even more because of the bigger prize money involved. There is no absolute number of deals involved and each player has to contribute their share of the entry fee in order to participate.


In pool Rummy, players are eliminated once they clock a particular point value. For example, once you reach 101 in 101 Pool Rummy, you’ll be instantly out of the game. Similar is the case with 201 Pool Rummy- as soon as you reach the value, it’s game over for you. The last remaining player with the minimum score is declared the winner. 201 Pool Rummy is a bit longer game as compared to the 101 Pool. However, in the case of former, you also get multiple chances to improve your score.

  1. Deals Rummy: It is played for a specific count of deals, which can be either 2, 3, 4 or 6. In this variant of Indian Rummy, players earn the chips from those who lose. The user who ends up with having maximum chip count is declared the winner. It is a game of mind and skill, even if you lose in your first deal; you have a fair chance of making it big in the subsequent ones.


Then there are Rummy tournaments, which are divided into 5 rounds- A player needs to clear all in order to win the big pool money. Apart from this, 21 Cards Rummy is also played widely across the circles. You may pick a choice as per your preference and competency level.