Best Casino Welcome Bonus

Casino welcome bonuses are great attractions. No land-based casinos ever give these kinds of bonuses. So, how does it work and what are some of the best casino welcome bonuses?

How do casino bonuses work? – Most of the online casinos offer first-time depositors welcome bonuses in the hope of enticing them to join their membership program and also, in the hope that these first-time depositor will continue to play games on their site. The more people play games, the better it is for the casino.

Welcome bonuses are offered usually as a percentage match. There is normally a cap to the percentage match. For example, a casino could offer to match every dollar of you deposit with one dollar from their side but capped at, perhaps, $3000.

Here is an example of how this works? Suppose you start with $1000 as your first deposit, a welcome bonus of $1000 will be given to you allowing you to play for up to $2000. Casinos have different types of welcome bonuses.

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Play only bonus – Even the best casino welcome bonus (in terms of percentage) usually offer this type in which the bonus can only be used to play games on the casino site. This amount will not be allowed for withdrawal purposes. There are separate balances maintained for bonus and your deposits.

Withdrawable bonus – The best casino welcome bonus you can expect as a player is this type in which you can withdraw the amount given to you as welcome bonus. Here, your bonus is also kept in your deposit account. However, there are some catches placed by most casinos wherein you can withdraw until the bonus is cleared.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

Although bonuses are still a new concept in the world of bitcoin gambling, some of the best bitcoin casinos offer some great bonuses for their clients.

Features of bonuses offered by these best bitcoin casinos:

Many of the best bitcoin casinos give their no-deposit bonuses. This means bonuses are given as soon as you register with them.

There is no major disadvantage about these bonuses as you haven’t risked anything nor have deposited any money.

These bonuses, however, are usually not very large and you can, perhaps, play only a few rounds of games with it.

There are usually restrictions on these bonuses including:

  • A minimum of deposit required before you are allowed to withdraw the bonus
  • Sometimes, bonuses may never be allowed to be withdrawn
  • They could have a restriction on the cash-in amount as well.

Wagering Requirements – Nearly all the bonuses distributed by online casinos, whether fiat currencies or bitcoins, have wagering requirements. This means you have to wager the bonus amount for a minimum number of times before you can withdraw it.

This is, of course, to protect the casino from losing money to people who simply join, get their bonuses, withdraw, and leave without playing a single game.

Minimum wagering requirements for no-deposit bonuses are usually 20 times the bonus amount. Another thing to check with the casino is if there are any games that will not be counted in the wagering minimum. Many casinos do not allow table games such as roulette and blackjack to be counted here.