5 Different Types of Card Games to Play Online

Online card games have long been a favourite pastime in India. A few rounds of card games are necessary, whether for a special wedding gathering, a festival, or a laid-back evening with friends. But as our busy schedules and geographic distances added to our daily struggles, it became physically harder to play card games.

The popularity of online card games has changed the game. Enjoying the game was made much simpler by using the same old card games on your laptop or mobile device with simple rules. You may choose a live card game and play it whenever you want, regardless of what you are doing or where you reside. Here is a list of popular online card games in India.


The most popular card game in India is Rummy. The millennial generation has started playing the game online, amusing us for decades. People favour Rummy for its ease and speed. After playing a few practice games, a novice may also quickly pick up the game of Rummy and begin competing in even cash games. To succeed in Rummy, you need analytical and logical thinking abilities.

Today, online Rummy is the most popular skill game in the nation, topping the rankings. Daily cash games and tournaments are available on several online rummy companies’ rummy apps. You may take part in these games and earn rewards in the form of real money. You can play it free on rummy modern app.


Poker has recently generated a lot of attention in India. This is due to the game’s widespread appeal in the West and its appearance in several Hollywood productions. Poker is a gambling game that calls for emotional restraint. Many seasoned card game players are interested in the game.

Poker offers a ton of amusement and excitement. To play and win the game, a player must have a fundamental grasp of the hands and betting. The poker is played with five cards, and the highest to lowest hands win.

Teen Patti

The British card game 3-card brag served as the basis for the Indian card game Teen Patti. Additionally, poker is compared to it. As a result, some refer to adolescent Patti as Indian poker. The game is so well-liked in India that it has been depicted in regional motion pictures. Teen Patti is also a Bollywood film.

A deck of 52 cards without a joker and three to six players are needed to play Teen Patti. Each player receives three cards after the dealer’s hands out one card at a time. No more cards are dealt, removed, or chosen in the game. Before the beginning of the round, the minimum wager must be chosen. Each player places their minimum bet at the centre of the table in a pot.


The card game of Solitaire is among the most traditional of all card games. This card game is extremely addicting and simple to learn, yet it may be challenging to master. To keep things fresh, there are several variations of the free solitaire games, each with a distinct degree of difficulty. is a fantastic website for playing online Solitaire. The thirty various solitaire card games are available on the mobile-friendly website. There are traditional games like Pyramid, Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell, Hearts, and other variations. On, along with thousands of other free games, Spider Solitaire is another popular version that may be of interest.

Call Break

Due to its straightforward rules and gameplay, Call Break is one of the most accessible online card games for real money. The Indian card game Teen Do Paanch and this call-break trick-taking game are remarkably comparable. The Spades suit of cards serves as the game’s trump.

Each player receives 13 cards, and after inspecting their hands, they must bid for the number of tricks that can be won. The other players then play cards from the same suit after the first player plays whatever card they want. If a player doesn’t have a card in the same suit, they can utilize a trump card. A player can win the trick by using the highest-ranking card or a higher-ranking trump card. The tricks earned or lost are used to determine the players’ score at the end of each round. The person wins the game with the highest score after five rounds.