4D Toto For Beginners

4D Toto has long been a popular lottery game in Singapore. Many people consider 4D online bets a great way to make some money on the side. And what was once played by betting on physical stores, the 4D lottery can now also be played online. Players can participate in 4D Singapore online that offers convenience and safety to the public amid the global health crisis.

Despite the popularity of the game in Singapore and its neighboring countries, many people are still not aware of how 4D is played. So, if you’re already looking to start your 4D lottery journey, here are some things that you need to know as a beginner.

What is 4D?

4D means four digits, and 4D Toto is a four-digit game that anyone above 18 years old can play. Players can pick any number from 0000 to 9999 and then decide which draw they want to play for. The draw for 4D happens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Players have a chance to bet one week in advance until 6 pm on draw day. Depending on how they like to gamble, they can also choose whether to bet for a single draw, two consecutive draws, or three consecutive draws. Twenty-three numbers are drawn every day that falls into five categories:

  1. 1st prize
  2. 2nd prize
  3. 3rd prize
  4. Starter
  5. Consolation

4D Betting Types

Bettors can also choose whether to purchase big or small bets for all 4D games available. The main difference between the two is that with big wagers, the bettors can win a prize if their number is included in any of the 23 four-digit numbers drawn that night. Meanwhile, small bettors can only win a prize if their number landed on the top three winning numbers (1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize).

Types of Bets in 4D

Now that you know how you can win a prize, it is time to learn how you can play 4D in five different ways.

  • Ordinary – the most common way of playing 4D is with standard bets. With this, players will choose a specific 4-digit number to bet on.
  • 4D Roll – here, bettors will use ‘R’ to replace any four digits. Only one number can be replaced by ‘R,’ which stands for all 0-9. This means that the players are actually betting for ten different entries.
  • System Entry – when you go for system entry, you are betting on all possible permutations of the chosen numbers. For example, if you bet on 2468, you are betting on all 24 permutations of this number (2468, 4682, 6824, etc.)
  • iBet – this is basically the same as system entry, with a bit of a twist. Unlike system entry that costs more than usual, you can stretch out your $1 with iBet despite the number of permutations that your four-digit number has.
  • Quick pick – here, the bettors can bet on a random number drawn by the computer.

These are some of the most important things that you need to know when starting you are planning to start your journey in 4D lottery. And if you need a platform that can give you a convenient way of betting, choose 88ProAsia as they allow their players to place their bets at the comfort of their homes by using mobile phones or computers.