Betting Strategies, To Win & Under 3.5 Goals

Online bookies are offering more markets than ever before and they give us a great chance to take even more money from them. Here are some great pre match strategies that you can employ to take more money from the bookies.

To win under 3.5 goals


If you add an extra selection to your ‘team to win’ bet then it can yield great results and a big boost on your winnings. Here we look at under 3.5 goals as an addition to your ‘win’ bet, there are a great amount of leagues where it’s far less likely that 4 goals will be scored and if you target these then you will be counting the cash in no time. First a few considerations.

Will they Win?

Very basic but you need a team that is going to win, review recent form, home form, away form (depending on where they are playing,) and also consider what they are playing for, if it is towards the end of the season and a team is fighting against relegation then you can bet the form book will go out of the window. The same can be said if a team is battling for the title.

All about the goals?


Firstly you need your winning team to have a strong defence, secondly you need them to have a good attack, but not too good, remember you need under 4 goals to win that big pot of cash.


It should go without saying that you should check all injuries for both teams before the game. If the ever reliable team that has made a career of 1-0 wins has an injured backline then that could be a factor that will buck the trend.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between a favourite to win, and a favourite to win under 3.5 goals. Let’s take Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal.

Chelsea 1/2

Man Utd 1/2

Arsenal 1/3

A £10 bet would win you £20 of profit, not bad, let’s say that you’ve done all your research and you believe them to win in under 3.5 goals.

Chelsea 2/1

Man Utd Evens

Arsenal Evens

With these odds your £10 will gain you £170 profit, quite a difference eh!! It’s always worth checking to see the recent goalscoring and goals conceded history of your selection and adding the Under 3.5 goals to the mix can be the best decision you make.

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