Why You Should Click ‘Yes’ To Betting Notifications

We’ve all been there, you sign up for a service, a program or any particular website and you get to the check box at the bottom where it asks if you want to be ‘kept up to date’ with new from the site. If you are anything like me, that is the last thing you want, an email box bombarded with offers and notifications that you simply don’t care about. Companies recognise this and they even alternate the option, sometimes you check the box to say no, sometime you check it to say yes, either way I find it a frustration. Except in one particular instance…


It is imperative, and I mean imperative that when you sign up to new bookies that you do whatever it takes to sign up to notifications from the site as they very often contain offers that are invitation only, meaning more money for you.



A great example of this is something that happened to me last week, it was my birthday and I received £55 worth of free bet offers for a variety of online bookmakers. From this money I managed to turn that free money into £218 of well, free money. Not bad eh?

New Year

Just a week later and it was New Years Eve, once again the free bets continued to flow into my email account and I went on to make another £100 from absolutely nothing. All because I had signed up to continue to receive notifications form the bookmakers.

Long Time No See


This is another method that gambling companies use to keep you on the hook and very often I am sent offers by bookies that I haven’t used in a while. They are needy and generous so I advise that you take notice of these emails, many of the offers I have received have been almost equal to the Welcome Offers that I received in the first place.

Most email accounts have separate folders for ‘promotional’ material so the emails very rarely take up much space in your actual in box. There is so much free money out there guys and gals that you’d be foolish not to go against your instincts and check, or uncheck the box to make sure you stay up to date with everything they want to throw at you.

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