The Importance of Hypothetical Betting

This may sound a little crazy, but one of the best ways to make money with online betting, is to not actually place a bet, stay with me. As you’ll have seen on many other posts, the best way to make money from bookies isn’t with crazy 15 team accumulator bets that return £20,000 from a solitary £1. The best way is to take a calculated, scientific approach to betting by using strategies.

If you take a look on the betting tips section of the site then you’ll see some of the strategies that I employ to make as much money as possible online. Now, here is the trick.


Before I begin with any strategy at all I place hypothetical bets for around 2 to 3 weeks, no bets at all online, just on paper. This way I can see and get an idea of the potential success of my brainwave. For instance, when I began doing the in-play bet for ‘over 0.5 goals,’ I spent 3 weeks watching games that I ‘would’ have placed a bet on, I decided that my bet would be £50 and that I would be looking for odds at around 1.4. Each time I saw a 0-0 game that I thought looked like there’d be a goal, I wrote my bet down and watched how it unfolded. After 3 weeks I was hypothetically up by £495, I didn’t need to see any more,  it was time to make some money!

Things to Bear in Mind

In order for this to work there are a couple of important things to remember. Firstly you have to be honest with yourself, before you start decide exactly how much you are going to place on each ‘bet’ and don’t deviate from it. If you start putting down that you’ll place £100 on each bet when it reality you’d only place £20 then, if successful, you’re going to end up being up by far more than you really would be, being up is still good but there will be the temptation to start placing £100 bets when you actually start betting. If you do that and end up having a few bad bets at the start then you’re going to cause yourself problems.


Don’t lie to yourself, if you are confident that the strategy will work (as we always are,) and then if your hypothetical bets prove otherwise, ditch the plan and start again. Remember that this is the point of doing it this way. I started places bets on over 9 corners in-play and after 2 weeks I was down by over £300 ‘hypothetically,’ I was really confident when I started as I was picking games that had at least 5 corners at half time, however after test betting it didn’t work out. So I went back to the drawing board at came up with a new strategy.

It doesn’t take much hard work to do this and it will mean that not only do you have an idea of how successful your strategy will be, but you’ll also know exactly what kind of games to be looking out for when you actually start throwing your money down.


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