Taking a Measured Approach to In-Play Betting

In-play betting is where the money is in my opinion. Quick returns and an ability to to get a real feel of a game before placing your bets. As ever, my approach to this is to bet bigger for smaller returns and here’s the strategy that I think is best and one that many others are adopting as well.

Safe and Small

In recent weeks I’ve started betting in-play at odds of 1.3-1.35 no higher than that unless I really have a strong feeling. I like to start a day at around £20 and stake the full lot on odds of around 1.3, as my pot grows I continue to stake my full pot on similar odds. When I hit £100, I take my original £20 out, this way I will lose nothing but profit if the bet goes wrong.

The bets that I use more than any others are… over 0.5 match goals, over 1.5 match goals, and over X amount of corners. I usually place my bets from the 50 minute mark onwards ensuring better odds, also 50 minutes is long enough to get a feel for the game and 40 minutes leaves enough time for plenty more action.

Here’s what 10 bets look like following this strategy, for the sake of example, I will use odds of 1.33.

£20      – Returns £26.60

£26.60- Returns £35.38

£35.38- Returns £47.06

£47.06- Returns £62.59

£62.59- Returns £83.24

£83.24- Returns £110.71 – At this point, remove the original £20

£90.71 -Returns £120.64

£120.64- Returns £160.45

£160.45- Returns £213.40

£213.40- Returns £283.82

Now you may think that 10 bets in a row is unlikely but I have completed this several times, often with ease. Just remember that odds of 1.33 are incredibly low which mean that it is far more likely to come off. Make sure that you have a good feeling for the games that you’re betting on and once the first 5 bets come in make sure you take your original stake out, that way if you lose, you are still in the same position you started in.

Always try to do these on a Saturday or a day when there is plenty of football on to give you the most choice, and never try to force a bet if you don’t believe in it.

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