Making Cash For Christmas With Online Tipsters

Many of my friends love to gamble on sports, football in particular, and the truth is that they really aren’t that good at it, they love the thrill of the chase but rarely end up winning much. I help them where I can and give them ideas for cash building but they like the returns to be much quicker, and they finally found a solution.

Online Tipsters


Gone are the days of a man down the pub offering you a ‘dead cert’ horse down the pub that almost always goes on to fall at the first fence, we live in a different world today and after just a quick search on Twitter you will find many tipsters offering free advice, many with great track records.

One thing that many tipsters offer that have a great success rate is their £25-£1000 challenges, they usually aim to achieve this in just 10 bets and normally on in-play markets so it’s best to make sure that you follow them on both Twitter and Facebook and keep checking what they’re posting.

Around Christmas time many of them offer a larger challenge such as £25-£5000 challenges, many of which succeed and give you a great opportunity to make big cash.

A Few Things To Remember


Always remember what you started with, these challenges mean that towards the end you are betting very big amounts to reach the goal, for example bet number 8 could involve placing £750 to return £890 or something similar. As soon as you make a decent pot, take out your original £25, this way you lose nothing. On top of that it is important to consider how much you want to make, of course making £1000 is better than £750 but if you have £750 in your hands and you could really do with it then my advice would be don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Finally, if you lose your £25 on the first challenge, don’t be discouraged, these free tipsters very often complete these challenges and perhaps you got unlucky first time around, my advice would be to try again at the next opportunity, it is very likely that you will make at least your original £25 back in no time.


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