In-Play Tactics, Corners & Cards

The emergence of in-play betting has given punters even more opportunities of making cash as we can know get a feel for the particular game as we watch and make better decisions on where to put our cash. The other beauty of in-play betting is that odds that may be very unfavourable pre-game can increase greatly during the game.

So with all that in mind, here a another great strategy for making money in-play.



Betting on the amount of corners in a game can be a great money maker especially in-play as most corners take place in the last 20 minutes of games when a team is chasing a goal to equalise or win. Here are some stats from last season in Europe’s top leagues regarding the amount of corners per game, the lowest amount of average corners per game was 9.7 in the French Ligue 1, the highest amount of average corners took place in the English Premier League with a massive 11.2 amount of average corners occurring. Considering stats like that it is a market certainly worth betting on and odds greatly improve as the game rolls on.

For example let’s take the current Tottenham v West Ham game, it is half time and there have been 3 corners and Spurs are 0-1 down, the odds currently sit at 5/1 for over 10 corners, bearing in mind that Spurs will no doubt throw the kitchen sink at West Ham we have a pretty good idea that the corner count will shoot up as the half rolls on, certainly worth throwing £5 or £10 at in my opinion.



Betting on cards over or under a certain amount can be profitable but I would always advise you watch the game to gauge how feisty it is. Big games between top teams or big derbies can be great for Yellow card betting, mainly because the referee’s are often slow to whip the cards out as they know to expect an aggressive match. I like to bet on over 6.5 cards in these games at around the 10/15 minute mark, once the aggressors have had their first warnings. Obviously watching the game is the only way that you can judge this but it is a great way of adding cash to the pot.

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