In-Play Strategies, Coming From Behind

The emergence of in-play betting has given punters even more opportunities of making cash as we can know get a feel for the particular game as we watch and make better decisions on where to put our cash. The other beauty of in-play betting is that odds that may be very unfavourable pre-game can increase greatly during the game.

Which leads me to a method that has worked for me in the past but sure certainly be approached with a touch of caution.

Coming From Behind


Last season in the Premier League the team that was favourite to win before the game went a goal behind and went on to win 63% of the time. With this kind of stats it’s a great opportunity to make some money. I use the Premier League as the example because they had the highest percentage in Europe of the pre game favourites winning after conceding a goal, here’s how to go about it.

Form / Injuries / Head to Head 

As with almost all bets these variables should be considered before the games, with this example it pays you to do plenty of research pre game as you will be focusing on plenty of games as you’ll have no idea who will concede a goal. If you do the research on all the favourites pre-game then you will be fully prepared and have confidence if they do go a goal behind.

Timing is Everything


The best time to place the bet can be tricky, let’s say that Arsenal concede against Bournemouth in the first 5 minutes, this wouldn’t be the best time to place your bet as Arsenal have a full 85 minutes plus to get the goal back and go on to win. If Bournemouth score after 5 minutes my advice would be to watch the game from then on if possible, if not keep a ready eye on the stats of the game, hold your nerve and keep watching the odds. When the odds rise enough to your liking then hit the bet button.

How Much?

The amount you place should always be the amount you can afford to lose, it goes without saying that betting is a long game with plenty of small victories, if you go big and lose then you ruin any chances of future successes and you’l be left red faced and skint. Regarding how much you can win, well that depends on you, Let’s take the example of Arsenal, let’s assume they are 1-0 down at halftime, this will be the best case scenario, in 2014/15 season Arsenal scored 2 or more goals in the 2nd half 26 times out of 38 games which means the likelihood of them winning after being 1-0 down at halftime is high ( you’ll know these kind of stats after doing your research.) Even considering this fact, bookmakers will still have Arsenal at high odds, it is not unlikely that they go from 1/3 pre-game to 4/1 at halftime after being a goal down, now is when you place your bet and start counting the cash.

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