In-Play Betting, Over 0.5 Goals

The emergence of in-play betting has given punters even more opportunities of making cash as we can know get a feel for the particular game as we watch and make better decisions on where to put our cash. The other beauty of in-play betting is that odds that may be very unfavourable pre-game can increase greatly during the game. For example, last season over 38% of games in the Premier League went 30 minutes or more before the first goal was scored. This is a brilliant way of improving the odds on teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal, whose odds would normally be very short prior to the majority of their games.

Over 0.5 Goals

This brings us nicely onto this next strategy, over 0.5 goals to be scored. Of the 38% of games that I just mentioned, 79% of them finished with at least 1 goal. Prior to the game staring you can bet your bottom dollar that the odds for at least 1 goal (or over 0.5 goals,) would be incredibly short, after 30 minutes or more you can guarantee those odds will be far more favourable.

Things to consider before you take use this tactics…


As with any type of betting you undertake, it is imperative that you decide your bets based on form and not what your heart says, occasionally your gut feeling may be correct but this is more of a rarity for most people, so base your choice on stats. With this bet in particular, look at the amount of goals that either team is scoring of late, and throughout the season. Also make sure that either of the two teams have got a defence that concedes. Also make sure that you are checking the relevant home and away form depending on where teams are playing, this is something people often overlook. It isn’t rare that a team will be scoring goals for fun in front of their home support but can’t buy a goal when away from the old faithful.


When it comes to any bets involving goals scored or goals not being scored it is very wise to check out what injuries a team has, whether it be their striker or defence or even the midfield maestro, if they’re injured and, especially if it is a recent injury, then the form book could be flipped on it’s head. Now with this bet in particular, injuries could actually help you, especially to the back line, if one of the two teams has had their defence ripped apart by injuries then that could greatly benefit you when it comes to a goal being scored.

When to Hit the Bet Button

This is an area where your gut can come in handy, it only takes a second to score a goal and deciding in which part of the game to put the bet on can be tricky. The best advice I can offer is to watch the game itself, get a feel for it, does it look like a goal will be scored? Make a rule for yourself, maybe you decide to not put any bet on until after 30 minutes, if a goal is scored before this time, then hey-ho move onto the next game. Another option is to simply wait until half time, check a series of games and see which are 0-0, check the stats for the game, then check out the recent form for both teams and make your decision from there.

Money Breeds Money

You are far better to undertake this strategy if you have a decent size pot to bet with (hopefully from previous winnings) or if you have money that you can afford to lose. The reason I say this is because even the odds will greatly improve throughout the game, they will still be short. Remember that bookies aren’t stupid and they don’t want to give money away, so for instance, if Manchester City make it to half time at home to Watford for instance and you place £50 on a solitary goal then you are likely to make around £15 profit from this, it sounds like a small profit compared to the outlay but when you consider the fact that LESS than 10% of all European games have ended in 0-0 in the last 3 years you’ll realise how favourable the odds actually are. After 3 successful bets you’re likely to be around £50 in profit which means if the worst occurs, you’ll lose your original stake at worst. Over 0.5 goals is a wonderful way of making money when you use it in-play.

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