Winning Big is Always Worth a Punt!

It seems like everyday now that I see a betting slip doing the rounds on social media of a punter who just won biiiiiig, normally I recommend betting big for smaller gains but on lower, and more likely to win odds.


I see absolutely nothing wrong with throwing away a pound or 2 a week on big acca or a crazy (but well researched) bet. This week I saw a guy win £10,000 from a 25p bet that involved 4 matches and the bet was that both teams would score in both halves. Ok, so the likelihood of this bet winning is slim, but that’s why the odds are so high and I mean seriously what is 25p?

Let’s think about it, assuming you make at least £10 profit per week through a tactical and selective betting  strategy then placing £1 worth of ‘mad’ bets will take up just 10% of your winnings. Consider how often you waste a pound on a drink or a snack, could they win you thousands? Highly unlikely.

Small change can return big amounts.

So let’s assume you place 4 x 25p bets, this is a strategy I’m going to employ from now on, just for the hell of it and of course the chance of a huge win. Here’s how I’m going to attack it.

50p on a result and both teams to score to the tune of 100/1 which will be around 7 matches (£50 return)

25p on both teams to score in both halves 1000/1 which will be around 3/4 matches (£250)

25p on a 10 team accumulator at around 10,000/1  (£2,500)

You can of course go higher than that with longer selections or more teams in the acca, it might just be your week, don’t expect these bets to win but it’s well worth doing, and in my opinion it’s better than buying a lottery ticket (which is actually £2 these days!)

Where would you rather put your money?
Where would you rather put your money?

Also just think of the cash out you may be offered mid game. When I was 18 I was 1 result away from winning a 14 team accumulator that I’d staked £1 on and would have brought in a cool £38,000. The final result that let me down was the 530 kick off, can you imagine the cash out I would been offered!! The fact is that I didn’t win that time, but in my view it’s always worth a little punt, especially if you’ve been winning already that week!


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