Multi Selection Betting , Easy Threesy

Multi selection betting is a great way of boosting your odds than simply using the traditional single selection route. There is a plethora of different ways of putting multi selection bets on and here is a few.

Briefly, a treble and accumulator is simply 3 selections where all selections need to win, the examples below are a little bit trickier, but a great way of boosting your purse.


A trixie is a bet involving 3 selections, however, it is made up of 3 doubles and a treble, confused? Well it goes like this…

Let’s call the selections A, B and C

If all 3 selections win then you win the treble ABC , 2 doubles AB, BC and AC. The beauty of the Trixie is that let’s say selection A let’s you down, you still win money on the BC double. Now a Trixie is similar to an accumulator bet whereby the odds are multiplied and the beauty of the Trixie is that it acts as a cover bet if you have one selection which is a bit uncertain. Like this…

Horse A to win is 2/1 (3.0 in decimal odds)

Horse B to win is 2/1 (3.0)

Horse C to win is 9/1 (10.0)

So Horse C is the risky one, now, if all 3 win you will win the treble ABC and 3 doubles AB,BC,AC, so if you bet £1 you would make a huge £159. The stake of £1 is multiplied by 4 for the 4 selections (1 treble, 3 doubles) so your total stake would be £4. Now let’s assume the following.

Horse A wins 2/1

Horse B wins 2/1

Horse C loses.

Normally on a treble you’d have lost the whole bet but with a trixie you still win double AB which will make you £9 from your £4 bet. This is obviously not as good as the biggie but at least you make some money and lose none. A Trixie is great for that 3rd selection that you aren’t too confident on.


A patent is a trixie with a twist, instead of just one treble and 3 doubles, the patent also gives you the 3 singles, let’s look at the same as example with the added singles.

Horse A wins

Horse B wins

Horse C wins

If you win all then you get ABC, AB,BC,AC and A, B and C. So a £1 stake will return £175, due to the 3 extra single bets, your total stake will be £7. Now let’s assume that pesky horse C loses again you will lose the treble (ABC) lose 2 doubles (BC and AC) and lose the single (C) however, with the patent you will win the double ( AB ) just like the trixie but you will also win 2 singles ( A and B ) this way you will win £15 from your £7 stake, so again the patent bet acts as a cover bet for that pesky horse.

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