Latest Developments in the Gambling Industry So Far This 2016

It’s no secret that the gambling industry has dramatically shifted from brick and mortar land casinos to online. Long gone are the days when gamblers had to visit and play in casinos and game parlors to enjoy their sessions with the growing number of service providers now going online and mobile.

The gambling industry has witnessed online gaming to be moving both progressively and globally with many consumers going on the net to play and bet on slots, poker and baccarat, among others.

So, How Did the Internet Change the Gambling Industry?

Mobile Devices, Tablets and Smartphone Usage Is on the Rise


With millions of people that can now access the web through their device, playing online and betting on their top casino games have been made so easy and accessible.

This has been one of the trends that many casinos have adapted in their business.

While the first online casino, InterCasino, was launched in 1996, when there were only 18 games available, there are now thousands of gambling websites in the world.

New casino online businesses are launched every day. (Tech Addiction)

And with the emergence of mobile devices, which obviously made gambling accessible to all players no matter where they are in the world, there are now millions of users using the web to satisfy their gambling needs.

Without a doubt, mobile gaming has definitely been on the rise in the last few years. In the UK alone, online gambling was up by 75% year over year, accounting for more than 25% of gambling-related searches. (

Rapid Expansion of Broadband Services

Another factor that has enormously changed the gambling industry is the prominence and availability of internet services.

Almost every household in the world is now capable of accessing the internet through their broadband services, alongside the fact that gamblers could also access the web through Wi-Fi.

Consumer Confidence on Market Players


In Cambodia, for instance, land-based casinos, including the Holiday Palace, has also opened their doors on the net.

Before, gamblers used to hit the venue to play their favorite card and table games, but now they can do so without going to and from land casinos with the launch of their websites, which made them available to gamblers worldwide right at the comforts of their homes.

Casinos like the Holiday Palace is a trusted casino through the years and so consumers who want to keep engaged in their games now feel more confident of playing in the casino even on its web version.

“Truly, there will be more and more of these gaming services to promote on the web with the significant market growth that has been relying on the net as one of its main sources of revenues.”

Social Gambling Emerges

Developing from the aspiration (and inspiration) to making money through social networks, developers made social apps available for a majority of social media inclined players, following the footsteps of market players that now also make top dollar earnings on the web.

Casino Apps

Players do not only have the chance of accessing and playing slots and roulettes, along with other games through mobile, but also through apps. Depending on your connection speed, you can have the app downloaded within minutes and start playing and betting using on your favorite casino online.

Last but not the least is the introduction and increase of reliable casino service providers like the and Gclub24hr. 

Both services have been the go-to source of gamblers worldwide for their casino playing needs. No wonder such sites are reputable and trusted. They have safe and secured playing environment and top of the line games and services.

There you have the latest developments in the gambling industry so far in 2016. Don’t be left behind but adapt such changes if you’re a casino business owner, or play online if you’re a gambler. After all, the internet will become the main online gambling source worldwide in the very near future.

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