The Perils of Football Betting

Well in what has been a calamitous weekend for us all no doubt, we are once again reminded of the perils that exist within the world of football betting. When such a series of events takes place that throws the form book completely out of the window and all of your research goes up in a puff of financial smoke. Whatever was in the air this weekend needs to drift away quickly. Let’s recap the madness.

Barcelona draw and only score 1 goal

Chelsea get beaten at home by Bournemouth

Bayern lose 1-3 away to Borussia MG

Liverpool lose 0-2 away to Liverpool

Stoke beat Manchester City 2-0

2nd place Cagliari draw against bottom of the table Como

And Jamie Vardy didn’t even score a goal.


But I’m here to tell you all to keep your head up and your eyes on the prize. The bookies  won this weekend, and that’s not all bad, perhaps they’ll re-invest their money into some juicy offers for us all. The fact is, that this is football, and thankfully these weekends don’t come around very often. We are all down, financially and emotionally, but don’t let it skew how you bet.

So when next weekend comes around, or even the Champions League and Europa League this week, don’t change your strategies. Keep the faith and you’ll be recompensed for your losses this weekend, I assure you.

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